Industrial Belt Grinding Machines

The quality and the technical know-how of a GREIF abrasive belt grinding machine guarantee the unequalled long service-life

Everything made of stable material

Already the weight of each part of the machine proofs that GREIF would never think of using cheap materials. The pedestal as well as the motor housing have got sturdy cast iron bodies, which contribute essentially to the silent running and the sound proofing of the machines. The motors are equipped with cast on covers and are thus better sealed against grinding dust. Due to their high speed the motors prevent a stopping or cracking of the belt also at a high pressure.


The form is not just a formal matter

The harmonic design you find with GREIF in every single detail is not only determined by aesthetics, but above all by the functional demands. The modern motor design is distinguished by the combination of square cross sections in 2 plates and the circular arcs of various radii, overlying the edges. Thus a substantially larger surface is achieved especially compared to that of a cylindrical motor. The consequence is an optimum heat emission to the surrounding air.

D 40-2-2 base

Picture 2

D 20-2-2 desk with suction stands MS-10

picture 1

Powerful, precise and of long service-life: the GREIF-motor

GREIF-motors run without any problems even after 50.000 hours of operation. Every single motor has an extremely high loading capacity and is thus surprisingly quiet. This is the result of an experience of very long standing (since 1928). Rigidity and precision, which determine the work result, are simply self-evident for GREIF-motors:

  • The precision ground and dynamically balanced motor shafts are taken up in grooved ball bearings, which are positioned against each other as lose bearings. The result is the low noise, the long service-life and the precise rotation.
  • The motors are cooled inside: the air, revolved by rotor and fan takes up the warmth of the stator and emits it to the walls of the housing and the pedestal. The operator is not disturbed by any draughts.
  • The range of distance between supports is gener- ously conceived. This allows replacement of contact wheels by polishing or brushing wheels. The difference of width is bridged by distance rings. The torque resp. the locking moment is transmitted by an extension ring with fitting key. The tightening ensues via an interior thread at the shaft end, protected against damage and corrosion. The chosen combination of materials prevents a jamming of the rings and facilitates the handling.
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