Clock top plate machines types blank 0,6/n and blank 1,2/n

for automatic sharpening:


Press approach-sharpen on drink glasses

With a top plate belt grinder blank 0.6/4 become at 2 tape sharpening units  press sewed on drinking glass soils polished. Pre and fine cross section take  place under cooling agent supply in wet operation. The glasses become strained  from above with driving pneumatically actuated pressure plates. With a cycle time of 8 seconds per hour 420 glasses are processed.

and polishing of mass sections


Polishing of connectin elements (ball-pins)

With a rotary attachment polishing machine blank 0.6/4 liaison vehicles from freecutting steel at the heading and within the shank area are polished. A roughness depth decrease is over achieved by blank 25 to 5. With a cycle time of 10 seconds at three polishing units 300 workpieces with diameters of 8-24 mm and shank are polished to lengthen up to 150 mm per hour are polished. As tools sisal buffing wheels  (before polish) and cotton cloth disks (fine polish) with 0,400 mm broad 120 mm are used, which are supplied via spray guns with polishing paste.

fig 1

fig 2

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